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DoorStop X, Lion and iCloud
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Apple has recently introduced Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) and iCloud, a seamless way of accessing your content over the Internet from all your devices. Both Lion and iCloud have significant ramifications on the security of your Macintosh and other Apple devices.

Lion, now shipping, makes significant changes to some of the underlying OS X system infrastructure, in particular various security settings. These changes affect the DoorStop X Firewall in a major way, and we've created a new version (2.4) which is required to run effectively on Lion.

Most components of iCloud, on the other hand, are not currently available and an in-depth analysis of its ramification of Internet security is thus not currently possible. Thus changes to the firewall advisor (Who's There?) or book (Internet Security for Your Macintosh and iPhone) components of the DoorStop X Security Suite need to wait on iCloud's availability and subsequent analysis.

We didn't want to wait for iCloud to make the Lion version of the DoorStop X Firewall available. So, for the time being:

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