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DoorStop X and Mountain Lion
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Apple has recently introduced Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8). Unlike the previous OS X release (Lion, OS X 10.7), Mountain Lion has only a few additional ramifications on the security of your Macintosh and other Apple devices.

Lion (10.7) made significant changes to some of the underlying OS X system infrastructure, in particular various security settings. These changes affected the DoorStop X Firewall in a major way, and we created a new version (2.4, a free upgrade from 2.3) which is required to run effectively on Lion. This same version should work just as well on Mountain Lion, so there should be no need to upgrade unless you're still on the older version (2.3).

Additionally, no changes are being made to the Who's There? Firewall Advisor or "Internet Security for Your Macintosh and iPhone" for Mountain Lion.

The ISFYM Twitter stream continues to provide the most up-to-date information on Lion, Mountain Lion and other Internet security subjects of interest to Apple users.

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