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If you are not familiar with networking operations, and concepts such as ports and IP addresses, you may find it useful to read the Key Concepts section of the DoorStop X Basics chapter. This is probably not necessary if you only plan to set up and use DoorStop X in its default configuration, however.


DoorStop and other firewalls

Before you install DoorStop X, you need to ensure that other firewalls on your machine will not interfere with DoorStop.

If you decide to go back to using another firewall, disable DoorStop by clicking the Stop button in DoorStop's Setup window, and then

Note that DoorStop X does not have to be uninstalled in order to avoid interfering with other firewalls. Just disable DoorStop by clicking the Stop button in DoorStop's Setup window.



The DoorStop X Firewall consists of the DoorStop X firewall application and various documents. To install DoorStop X, simply download the application from our Web site. When you download DoorStop, a DoorStop X folder should be automatically installed on your hard drive, and the installer file is then moved to the trash. Drag the DoorStop X folder to OS X's Applications folder. Further installation issues are discussed in the Appendix.


Lion and multi-user machines

Due to changes in the internal security architecture of OS X 10.7 (Lion), DoorStop will maintain a separate configuration profile for each user on the machine that runs the DoorStop application, and will load that profile only when the Doorstop app is run by that user. IT IS RECOMMENDED that you install DoorStop and run the DoorStop application only as one user. Once you set up DoorStop, as any user, all other users will be protected. To change DoorStop's configuration, log in as the user who first set up DoorStop.

Power users who want to run the DoorStop application as more than one user can find details of DoorStop's behavior on Lion in the Appendix.



Upgrading DoorStop X from a previous version is done in the same way as installing it in the first place. Simply download the new version and replace the older version in your Applications folder with it. You may wish to keep a backup copy of the older version, but it's recommended you keep that backup copy somewhere other than on the same machine as the new version, so the two don't interfere with each other. The new version will automatically use your old protection settings and preferences. If you were using a version of DoorStop X prior to 2.3, however, you will need to purchase a new serial number once the current evaluation period has expired (DoorStop 2.4 is a free upgrade for all 2.3 users).


Quick Start

After downloading, make sure that you're logged in as a user with administrative privileges, and then run the DoorStop X application. The first time you launch DoorStop you will be prompted for an administrative user name and password, and then for a serial number (which you receive when you purchase the product). The Setup Assistant will then guide you through setting up DoorStop. Once this is done, the Setup window appears. Figure 1 shows how the Setup window would look if you chose default values in the Setup Assistant, or if you skipped the Setup Assistant altogether. DoorStop is enabled, providing protection for your machine. To change the access to services, see Protecting Basic Services.

Note that the DoorStop application does not have to be running for service protection to be active, and that service protection will remain active, even if you restart your Mac, until disabled by running the DoorStop X application and clicking the Stop button.

Figure 1. Setup Window

You can also view passages from Open Door's security book Internet Security for Your Macintosh and iPhone through DoorStop's Book menu, either on a section-by-section basis, or for a service you've selected.


Online Help

Online help is available in two ways:

Either method will invoke online help for DoorStop X, which is structured much like this User's Guide.


Purchasing the DoorStop X Firewall

The DoorStop X Firewall demo is a fully functional copy that runs for 30 days from the time it is first launched. It can be downloaded for free from the Open Door Networks DoorStop X download site. To continue using DoorStop past the 30 day trial period, you must purchase a serial number and enter that serial number into the demo. You can purchase a serial number in one of two ways:

DoorStop X 2.3 and later use different serial numbers from previous versions. Registered users of those previous versions need to purchase the newer version from the DoorStop X Web site.


Entering a serial number

Once you've purchased a serial number for DoorStop, you need to enter it into the demo. You can do this in one of two ways


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DoorStop X is part of the DoorStop X Security Suite, a comprehensive set of three integrated products as well as a blog, Twitter stream and "Top 10" list.

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