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A Guide for the Rest of Us, 3rd edition
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Alan B. Oppenheimer and Charles H. Whitaker, Open Door Networks
About the Authors

ALAN B. OPPENHEIMER graduated from M.I.T. in 1983, writing his thesis on a new networking technology called Ethernet. Upon arriving at Apple Computer, he became part of a team working to create the network for a new computer called the Macintosh. Alan was responsible for many of AppleTalk's protocols, in both the Macintosh and the LaserWriter printer. Alan also worked on AppleShare, the Apple Internet Router, and Apple Remote Access, and is coauthor of the book Inside AppleTalk, the definitive reference on the AppleTalk network system.

Alan left Apple to found Open Door Networks in 1995. In addition to providing Macintosh-based Internet access and Web hosting, Alan helped establish Open Door as a Macintosh Internet utilities company, focusing on Internet security. Alan and Open Door created such products as the DoorStop X Firewall and Who's There? Firewall Advisor. Most recently, Alan has been spending a lot of time with the company's iPhone products.

Alan lives in beautiful Ashland, Oregon, with his beautiful wife Priscilla. The two run the Alan & Priscilla Oppenheimer Foundation for scientific research and education there.

CHARLES H. WHITAKER received his B.A. in computer science from University of California, Berkeley, in 1982. He worked at Informix for the next five years, porting the Informix product line to various Unix platforms. In 1989, he became a principal partner in the Multimedia Shop and helped write Microsoft's Cinemania '94 for the Macintosh. Charles then founded Perspicacity Inc. and spent several years publishing Macintosh software. In 1998, he joined Open Door Networks as a technical writer, tester and Webmaster.

Charles lives in lovely Ashland, Oregon, with his lovely wife Cheryl and their cat Sammy.

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