Open Door Networks
Internet Security for Your Macintosh and iPhone
A Guide for the Rest of Us, 3rd edition
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Table of Contents
(New or significantly changed sections in the 3rd edition are indicated in red)

1- Getting Started
About this Book
About the Second Edition
What's New
About Open Door Networks

PART 1 General Security Principles
2- What, Me Worry?
More People on the Net More Often
More People Doing More Important Things
More and More Attacks
Why Me?
It Gets Worse
Broadband Connections Are Especially Vulnerable
But I Use a Mac!
What, Me Worry Too Much?
3- Physical Security
Things that Can Go Wrong
Physical Security First
Things Will Go Wrong Anyway
4- Managing Passwords
More and More Passwords
Choosing Good Passwords
Keeping Your Passwords Secret
Managing Your Passwords
Passwords in the Future
5- Safe Surfing
Safe Web Browsing
Safe E-mail
Safe Chatting
Safety with Other Internet Applications
General Safe Surfing Practices
6- Internet Basics
IP Addresses and Host Names
Port Numbers
The Network Preferences Dialog
PART 2 Securing Internet Services
7- Principles of Securing Internet Services
Using Versus Providing Internet Services
Internet-capable Applications
Levels of Security
AppleTalk and TCP/IP
User Accounts
8- The Sharing Preferences Dialog
The Sharing Pane of the System Preferences Dialog
File Sharing
Windows Sharing
Web Sharing
Remote Login
FTP Access
Remote Management
Remote Apple Events
Printer (and fax) Sharing
Internet Sharing
Screen Sharing
Bluetooth Sharing
DVD/CD Sharing
Scanner Sharing
9- Securing iLife and other built-in Internet Services
Image Capture
Syncing with MobileMe
Disk Utility
10- Securing Third-Party Internet Services
FileMaker Pro
Parallels, VMware and other Windows environments
Other Applications
PART 3 Enhancing Overall Security
11- Viruses
What Viruses Are
What Viruses Can Do
What You Can Do About Them
12- Personal Firewalls
Firewall Basics
Mac OS X's Built-in Firewall
Configuring a Personal Firewall
Testing a Personal Firewall
Troubleshooting a Firewall
Network Address Translation
13- Analyzing and Responding to Security Threats
Generating Useful Data
Detecting Suspicious Activity
Investigating and Reporting Suspicious Activity
Understanding Common Access Attempts
The Most Common Attacks: A Case Study

PART 4 Advanced Topics
14- Just Say No to FTP
What Is FTP?
Why Is FTP So Bad?
What Can You Use in Place of FTP?
15- Home Networking
Home Routers
Other Home Network Devices
General Security Precautions for Home Networks
16- Wireless Networking
How AirPort Works
How AirPort Is Used
Securing AirPort
17- iPhone and iPod touch security
Physical Security
Managing Passwords
iPhone Settings
Safe Surfing
Wireless Networking

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