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Macintosh file sharing over the Internet or your intranet. Macintosh users have come to expect the ease of use and simplicity of the Mac's built-in file sharing through AppleShare. As Macintosh networks move from AppleTalk to Internet protocols (TCP/IP), and as more and more Macs get on the Internet, ShareWay IP lets Mac users keep sharing files the same way they always have.

Chosen by Apple for Mac OS 9. When Apple wanted to add Internet file sharing capabilities to Mac OS 9, they chose ShareWay IP as the way to do it. By working directly with Apple, we've made sure that basic ShareWay functionality is available to all Mac OS 9 users through seamless integration with the OS.

ShareWay IP is the only way to have Personal File Sharing on a pre-X system share files with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) or Leopard (10.5), since Tiger cannot access AppleShare files shared over AppleTalk.

Major Mac OS 9 upgrade available. Mac OS 9's Internet File Sharing can be easily upgraded to an advanced version of ShareWay IP which includes logging, advanced security, and other features.

Works on all Macs back to System 7.5.5. Even if you don't install Mac OS 9, you can get all the same Internet File Sharing features simply by installing ShareWay IP. Even on 68K Macs.

The ease of use you'd expect from Macintosh file sharing. ShareWay IP maintains all the easy to use features Apple built into Macintosh file sharing, such as drag-and-drop access, aliases, view-by options and Sherlock searching. ShareWay IP even lets users browse for servers just as with the Chooser.

The power you'd expect from the Internet. By using Internet protocols for file sharing, ShareWay IP greatly extends the reach of your server by enabling it to share files across your entire intranet and, through the Internet, around the world.

The security features you need in the Internet era. The extended reach of the Internet requires additional security measures. ShareWay IP includes security features beyond those built into Macintosh file sharing.

No AppleTalk required! As Macintosh networks move away from AppleTalk and towards TCP/IP, ShareWay IP is a key part of any migration solution.

Multiple versions available. ShareWay IP is available in multiple versions to support different server environments:

A must-have upgrade for Mac OS 9 users. Users of Mac OS 9 can upgrade the built-in version of ShareWay IP to include such important features as:

Multiple options for access. Macs running ShareWay IP can be accessed through a number of different options, including:

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