ShareWay IP Pricing

ShareWay IP is available in three editions: Personal, Standard and Professional. For Personal File Sharing with Tiger or Leopard (or any version of Mac OS X), you want the Personal Edition. A number of purchasing options are available:

ShareWay IP Personal Edition 3.0 pricing - now half the previous price!

 Single license5 licenses
ShareWay IP Personal 3.0$39$29$149$109

ShareWay IP Standard 3.0 and Professional 2.0 pricing

 Single license5 licenses
ShareWay IP Standard 3.0$249$179$899$629
ShareWay IP Professional 2.0$479$349  
Pro 2.0 upgrade$119$99  

Higher volume and site licenses and upgrades are also available. Contact us directly if you're interested.

You can order ShareWay IP directly off our order page. Once paid for, ShareWay IP will be made available for download. Forms of payment include:

Credit card:

Check (US Funds from a US Bank), sent to:

     Open Door Networks, Inc.
     110 S. Laurel St.
     Ashland, OR 97520

Corporate PO by special request. Send PO to above address. Be sure to include your email address so we can send you a serial number.