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October, 2009

On this page, Open Door Networks is attempting to build as complete a list as possible of port numbers commonly used on the Macintosh. We would like this page to become a resource for DoorStop X Firewall and Who's There? users and for the Macintosh community in general. Please contact us with additions, corrections, and other comments on this page. Thank you.

Please also check "Internet Security for Your Macintosh and iPhone: A Guide for the Rest of Us" for more details on port usage.

TCP Port Numbers Commonly Used on the Macintosh

21File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
22Remote Login (ssh)
25Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
42Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS)
80Personal Web Sharing (HTTP)
110Post Office Protocol (POP)
111Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
113Authentication (AUTH)
119Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
135RPC endpoint mapper
137Windows Name Service
139Windows Sharing (SMB)
143Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
192AirPort Admin
311Mac OS X Server Admin
389Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
427Service Location Protocol (SLP)
443Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
445Windows Sharing (SMB)
497Retrospect Backup
510First Class Server
515Line Printer Daemon Protocol (LPR)
548Personal File Sharing (AFP)
554RTSP (QuickTime)
587Alternate SMTP
591FileMaker Web Companion
625Parental Controls, Mac OS X Server
631Printer Sharing (IPP)
660Mac OS X Server Admin
687Mac OS X Server Monitor
1080"WebSTAR Admin, others"
1214KaZaA sharing
1220QuickTime Streaming Server Admin
1231QuickDNS Central
1337QuickDNS Remote
1417-1419Timbuktu (old versions)
2190TiVo Desktop
3031Remote Apple Events
3167-3168Now Up-to-date Server
3283Apple Remote Desktop (reporting)
3659Mac OS X Server
3689iTunes Music Sharing (DAAP)
4199EIMS Admin
4347Neon Responder
5003FileMaker Pro
5009AirPort Admin
5100Camera/Scanner Sharing
5190AOL Instant Messenger
5222-5223Jabber Instant Messaging
5500Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
5900Screen Sharing, Apple Remote Desktop & VNC
5988Apple Remote Desktop (WBEM)
6346Gnutella/LimeWire sharing
6667Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
6699Napster (original)
6881-6889BitTorrent sharing
7070RTSP (QuickTime)
8101TiVo Desktop
8770iPhoto Photo Sharing (DPAP)
14237Palm HotSync
145664D Server
16080Mac OS X Web Server
50003FileMaker 7 Server
50006FileMaker 7 Helper Server


UDP Port Numbers Commonly Used on the Macintosh

53Domain Name System (DNS)
67-68Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
123Date & Time (NTP)
138Windows Datagram Service
161Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
626Mac OS X Server Serial Number
2049Network File Server (NFS)
2222Microsoft Office
3283Apple Remote Desktop
4500Back to My Mac
5060iChat (SIP)
5353Bonjour (Rendezvous)
16384-16403iChat a/v and screen sharing

The complete, official port number list is at, however this list is very difficult to understand, is missing many of the commonly-used (if not official) Macintosh ports and contains a good deal of obsolete information. An older version (circa 2002) of this list is available here.