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Art Authority for Macintosh


A comprehensive collection of works by over 1,000 of the western world's major artists, from ancient times to today. At your fingertips! Organized by period and artist, Art Authority's 40,000+ paintings and sculptures are displayed chronologically for each artist, with detailed captioning. In-depth information about the periods and artists is also available.

From the earliest creative pieces to the latest modern and contemporary works, Art Authority provides an impressively displayed, carefully selected, well organized view of the western art world that is both broad and deep.

Features include:
  • Ancient, Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary periods
  • Special section on American art
  • Art movements and/or nationalities within each period
  • Overall index to all 1000+ artists, plus indices for each period
  • Captions with work title, date, location and other details
  • Access to in-depth information on each artist and period
  • Full-screen slideshow display, with user-settable transitions
  • Gallery-like, scrolling thumbnail view
  • Save images for use by your Mac's Screen Saver
How does Art Authority bring this vast world of art to you? We download most of it all from our own servers, where it's been optimized for quality, size and speed. For more recent works still under copyright, Art Authority downloads from an authorized Web site instead. The result: a comprehensive, continual view of western art from its origins through current times.

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