Art Authority for Macintosh User's Guide
Getting Started

About Art Authority for Macintosh
Art Authority for Macintosh is an art-specific Web-image browser, displaying the world's great art in great ways on your Mac. It is closely related to Art Authority for iPad and iPhone. All of these products are based on the more general Envision Web-image browser for the Macintosh.

Getting Started
Art Authority for Macintosh organizes works of a given artist into "Web shows", which are themselves organized by period. The first time you double-click the Art Authority Macintosh application, it automatically runs a Welcome show. After you close the Welcome show, you're ready to start viewing other Web shows from the thousands available. Once you're watching a show, use the toolbar controls to pause and resume the show; get detailed information about specific images, artists and periods; and much more. That's about all you need to know, but if you want more details, see Watching Shows.

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