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A letter from Alan Oppenheimer, president of Open Door Networks

Open Door Networks, Project A and Ashland Home Net are merging our Internet operations

After nearly 15 years of providing Internet service to the city of Ashland, and 10 years of providing Ashland Fiber Network based service, we're merging our Internet operations, along with those of Project A, into Ashland Home Net's. Ashland Home Net is the city's largest and broadest ISP, offering the widest range of services (including TV and phone) for the cheapest price.

Change can be unsettling, but in this case it's a very good thing. The same tech support staff most of you have worked with for the past 5 years, Michael Betzina, will be moving to Ashland Home Net to continue to provide the great Mac-focused support you've come to expect from us. And Ashland Home Net plans to continue our Mac-specific services, like general Macintosh support and training and security software. Plus, due to Ashland Home Net's economies of scale, most Open Door AFN customers should get at least a $2 per month PRICE REDUCTION. How often does that happen?

Jim Teece, president of Ashland Home Net, has published a welcome letter and FAQ here. I've known and worked with Jim for well over a decade now. Many of you probably know him as well, and know about his fervent commitment to the Macintosh, the AFN, and his customers. When I decided earlier this year that I wanted to focus Open Door Networks on ongoing iPhone and Macintosh software development, there was really only one choice, and Jim was it. The fact that adding our (and Project A's) customer bases to his will enable him to do even more for the community was a big added benefit, as was the price reduction you all should see. It's definitely a win, win, win.

And of course I'm certainly not going anywhere. I will continue to be involved with the ongoing evolution of the AFN, which Jim, I and others helped to design and roll out over 10 years ago now, and which has become a critical utility for the Ashland community. And of course, after 26 years (can you believe it!) of working on the Macintosh, I will certainly continue to be involved with that community as well. So you'll be seeing me around, perhaps even more than before. As always, please feel free to call me any time at 541-488-4127, or email Until then...

Your friend in Macintosh,

Why The Ashland Fiber Network?

Why choose Open Door?

If you own a Macintosh and want to get on the Ashland Fiber Network, we're the people you want to talk to.

Services Overview

AFN accounts generally include these Internet services:

We offer four account types:

Account Descriptions

  Budget Basic Bonus Best
AFN service name "Bronze" "Gold" "Gold+" "Platinum"
Speed - Download/Upload 256K/256K 3+ Meg/256K 7 Meg/1 Meg 10 Meg/10 Meg
Setup Fee (a) $50 $50 $50 $100
Base Monthly Fee $25 $40 $60 $80
Email Accounts none 3 3 10
Web site (b) no yes yes yes
Free security software 1/2 price yes yes yes
Domain Name no no no yes (c)
Drag-and-drop file sharing
over the Internet
no yes yes yes
Mac-specific technical support yes yes yes yes

a) Cable modem required. No setup fee for upgrade to Basic or Bonus. $50 for upgrade to Best (plus new modem may be needed).
b) See Web site features below.
c) Plus yearly registration fee.

Additional account options, such as additional dynamic IP addresses, static IP addresses, and other speeds are also available. We also offer Lite Accounts to preserve email and other services for our customers who leave the area or who can't get AFN. For more information, see our AFN Account Options.

Web site features

  Basic/Bonus Best
Domain Name no yes (a)
Additional domain names n/a yes
Base Storage 100 MB 5 GB
Extra Storage (monthly charge) $1.00 per 10 MB $0.50 per 10 MB
Base Traffic per Month 50 MB 10 GB
Extra Traffic (monthly charge) $1 per 10 MB $0.10 per 10 MB
Statistics & Log Files no yes
Standard CGIs (b) no yes
Drag-and-drop publishing yes yes

a) Plus yearly registration fee.
b) Forms processing and others.

For additional information about webhosting services with or without an AFN account, see our Web Hosting Page.

Open Door Software

Most accounts include a free copy of our critically acclaimed DoorStop X Firewall as well as Norton Anti-Virus software.

Open Door also offers Who's There? and other products at half price to AFN account holders. Who's There? Firewall Advisor helps you to better understand and react to access attempts detected by your firewall. Who's There?, along with DoorStop X Firewall and the electronic version of our book, Internet Security for Your Macintosh, make up our DoorStop X Security Suite

Multiple Machines and Wireless Support

It is possible to have more than one computer on one AFN account. For details on multiple machine configurations, including wireless technology, see our Multiple Machines page.

Parental Control

With a permanent connection to the Internet, you may have a greater concern about the kind of information your kids have access to. There are numerous options, which fall into two basic categories:

Most parental control products are customizable, allowing you to add sites of your own.

Ordering AFN Service

You can order AFN service by calling us at 488-4127. You'll need:

Be sure to review AFN's Appropriate Use Policy and Open Door's Terms and Conditions before ordering service from Open Door Networks. For further information on AFN accounts please call 488-4127, or send email to: .

What else?

For answers to frequently asked questions about the AFN, see our AFN FAQ.

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