Internet Security for Your Macintosh
A Guide for the Rest of Us, 2nd edition

by Alan B. Oppenheimer and Charles H. Whitaker

An essential, easy to understand guide to keeping your Macintosh secure on the Net. Alan is Open Door's founder and president, and Charles is Open Door's lead technical writer.

The book's official Web site has a full table of contents, and a sample chapter. You can also purchase the book there, either alone or as part of Open Door's DoorStop X Security Suite.

Open Door book list: As leaders in Macintosh networking since 1995, Open Door Networks has accumulated a good deal of knowledge about Macintosh security and the Internet. Below we are attempting to present a compehensive list of additional books pertaining to these fields.

The links on this page are provided in association with (Gift card). Please contact us if you are aware of other books that should be added to the list. Thank you.

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