A History of Macintosh Networking

This site was created as part of the Macintosh 20th-anniversary MacWorld keynote talk "A History of Macintosh Networking" given by Open Door's president, Alan Oppenheimer (who has lived through pretty much all of that history, either inside or just outside of Apple). The slides from the talk are pointed to by the various pictures on the timeline below, or you can start here. We want to maintain and enhance this site, so if you have any historical items you would like added, please e-mail alan (at) opendoor.com. Thanks.

Macintosh introduction AppleShare File Server AppleTalk Phase 2 Universities help out Macintosh Office Personal File Sharing ARA ABS Netscape Navigator Apple acquires NeXT AISS Wireless networking Mac OS X iTunes Music Store Mac OS 9 XServe Safari

Historical items beyond those presented in the talk

AppleShare 1.0 box front (still shrink-wrapped!)
eWorld floppy
Connectivity in Hell!
Open Mac (Mac-II) t-shirt

More coming...

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