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Art Authority for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. The #1 classic art app! Over 1000 artists and 75,000 works of art. Cataloging by artist name and period. Detailed captioning. Stunning full-screen display, insightful thumbnail gallery, Ken Burns motion effect, and more.

In use by Seton Hill University, the Art Docent Program, and many other institutions.

The DoorStop X Security Suite - Learn. Protect. Understand. Macintosh Internet security products designed, not for security experts, but for the Rest of Us. Always easy to use, our products work together to protect your Mac while helping you learn about and understand the issues involved. Components of our DoorStop X Security Suite include:
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The DoorStop X Firewall - blocks and logs access attempts to your Mac. The Mac's first firewall. Version 2.4, with Lion and Mountain Lion support.
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The Who's There? Firewall Advisor - helps you to better understand and react to access attempts detected by DoorStop X and most other Mac firewalls.
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"Internet Security for Your Macintosh and iPhone" - the first book devoted exclusively to securing your Mac, and other Apple devices, on the Internet.
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"ISFYM.COM: A Blog for the Rest of Us" - the blog (archived), and the Twitter stream, to go with the book, and the rest of Open Door's security products. Keeps you totally up to date, including the latest on El Capitan (10.11).
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"Internet Security for Your Macintosh: Top 10 List" - 10 simple things you can do to keep you and your Mac secure on the Internet.

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