ShareWay IP

The solution for Macintosh file sharing over TCP/IP
The only solution for Personal File Sharing from Mac OS 7/8/9 to Tiger or Leopard

ShareWay Equation

Chosen by Apple Computer as the technology behind Mac OS 9's file sharing over TCP/IP
"The easiest way to survive the new TCP/IP world order." -- MacWorld
"AppleShare IP for the rest of us... a godsend for small workgroups" -- Adam Engst, MacWeek

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ShareWay IP is standard Macintosh file sharing, but using TCP/IP rather than AppleTalk. ShareWay IP runs with Mac OS 7, 8 or 9's built-in File Sharing to enable Macintosh file sharing over your home network, intranet or the Internet.

ShareWay IP is the only way to have Personal File Sharing on a pre-X system share files with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) or Leopard (10.5), since these cannot access AppleShare files shared over AppleTalk.

Apple included a limited version of ShareWay IP with Mac OS 9. When you check the "File Sharing over TCP/IP" check box, under Mac OS 9, you are running a basic version of ShareWay IP. If you are running Mac OS 9, please consider adding the full version from us, which includes important security features and bug fixes.

If you run an OS older than Mac OS 9, you can still have its Internet file sharing features. ShareWay IP works all the way back to Mac OS 7.5.5, even if you're still running a 68K machine.

Additional editions of ShareWay IP are available for older AppleShare-compatible servers, like Windows NT. Check out ShareWay IP Standard and Professional Editions for your older server.

Mac OS X users: Please check out our DoorStop X firewall and our Who's There? Firewall Advisor.

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