Who's There? Firewall Advisor
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After installing Who's There? I try to run it, but it complains that there's a problem trying to access or save its serial number.

I know my firewall's log file contains data, but nothing is displayed in the main window of Who's There?

The data displayed does not go as far back in time as I think it should.

Who's There? is not displaying certain data in my log file. (12, Features)

Who's There? is displaying only denied connection attempts, but I know there have been some connections allowed. (12, Firewall Basics, Features)

Sometimes the location indicated in the map does not match the location in the WHOIS lookup.

I notice attempts to services on my machine, from my machine, but I know I haven't made them.

I sent an email to a network administrator, and it was returned as undeliverable. (13, Investigating and Reporting Suspicious Activity)

How do I tell Who's There? to use a different email client?

The Likely Web site address in the Who's There? dialog does not work.

The map does not display any coordinates or cursor.

The WHOIS search in the Who's There? dialog says it has timed out, or that the service is unavailable

The WHOIS search in the Who's There? dialog says the lookup failed.

I used File > Open to change log files, but when I quit and relaunch Who's There? it opens the old log file.

Who's There? is displaying less lines than are in the log file, either for a particular access attempt

Columns in the Access History window are missing or out of order

Columns are not wide enough.

When I launch Who's There? the DoorStop X Firewall also launches.

I have the DoorStop X Firewall installed, but Who's There? does not display DoorStop protection information for any service.

Some tabs in the Who's There? dialog just beep when I click on them.

Some action buttons are unavailable

Changes in Preferences don't work for Summary by Service or Summary by IP.

I added a custom service to DoorStop X and gave it a custom icon, but neither the name nor the icon shows up in Who's There?

I added a custom service to DoorStop X, but it shows up in Who's There? as "Unknown".

Some duplicate lines are not omitted.

I don't see any outgoing access attempts, although I surf the Web a lot.

Listed destination IP addresses don't match my machine's

Lines displayed after entering data into the Access History window's filter field do not seem to all contain the data I've entered.

The Access History line I'm looking at scrolls off the screen as new lines come in.

New lines in the Access History window are not automatically brought into view.

I cannot access the book's blog (isfym.com), Top 10 list or Twitter stream.

Searching the blog returns results that don't match what I'm expecting.

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